Stealth 360°
with Bell Floods
Motion Sensor Lights

RAB STL360H <br>Stealth 360&deg; <br>with Bell Floods <br><b>Motion Sensor Lights</b> - click to enlarge

RAB STL360H, RAB STL360HW - Stealth with Bell Floods

  • Two sensors in one to monitor 180° in front and 360° below
  • New feature turns lights on at dusk for 0-8 hours and protects with motion when timed out till AM.
  • Time adjustment for motion sensor is 5 sec. to 12 min.
  • 1000 watt switching capacity
  • 6000 volt surge protection
  • Temperature Compensation for reliable all weather performance
  • Superb Radio Frequency Immunity (RFI). Not affected by cell phone or other stray signals
  • White(RAB STL360HW) or Bronze(RAB STL360H) finish
  • LED Indicator and extensive instruction manual insure trouble-free installation
  • 1/2" threaded attachment arm
  • Includes two die cast bell shielded floods

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