Motion Sensor for Wall Lanterns

Motion Sensor for Wall Lanterns - click to enlargeMotion Sensor for Wall Lanterns
RAB SL500 and SL180HL give any lantern motion sensor operation. Retrofit existing decorative lanterns or buy new outdoor lanterns.

With the Smart Lantern Mounting Plate, lights come on automatically when motion is detected. Lights turn off (or dim 80% in the Hi/Lo model) automatically when there is no movement.

Set the Smart Lantern Mounting Plate photocontrol for dusk- to- dawn operation or 24 hour operation. Paint the plate to complement your siding.

  • Sensor can be adjusted 6" up or down to clear bottom of lantern
  • Full 180 degree detection zone
  • 40 degree sensor tilt down adjustment to control range
  • Time delay before automatic shut off adjustable from 20 seconds to 15 minutes
  • Photocell included
  • Surge protected
  • LED "On Guard" indicator
  • Protected manual override with auto reset at dawn
  • Both flat siding and clapboard cut plates included
  • RABSL500 Standard Smart Lantern Mounting Plate controls up to 500 watts (incandescent only). Lights come on automatically when movement is detected and turn off automatically after movement ceases.
  • RABSL180HL Hi/Lo Smart Lantern Mounting Plate controls up to 180 watts (incandescent only). Lights operate at 20% brightness dusk-to-dawn or 24 hours depending on photocell setting. Lights brighten to 100% when motion is detected. When movement ceases, lights resume 20% brightness.
  • Lantern not included

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